Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Hi. This is my first blog...sad, I know.

Hi! My name is Kerri-Ann. I have three sons and a husband who are very patient with my Twilight obsession.
I learned about Twilight through the Harry Potter blogs. It was about the time when Twilight bumped Harry Potter out of the November 2008 release date. I have to admit, I was pissed. So during one of my Walmart excursions I saw the Twilight book...glared at it...then decided to buy it, just to see what the big deal was. I mean, a story about a sparkly vampire cant be that good...right?
Needless to say I became a Twilight junkie pretty quick, and my allegence for anything Cullen related has been declared, flag planted. I sought out the other three books like a crack head in need of a good fix! I had a sales lady asked me, "Are you team Jacob or team Edward?" I snickered and said, "Team Edward all the way, baby!" She was pretty frosty after that. LOL! Stupid Jacob lover.
It was about this time I realized, Twilight wasn't just turning tweens into hormonal puddles. Im 31 and I was officially hooked, line and sinker.
My youngest loves Twilight and Rob Pattinson...who doesn't...and shouts, "Mamma, look, it's Bob!" He cant say Rob. He's also a Muse fan. At age three thats not too shabby. Im training him well, my young padiwon.
So, now that you've read my mindless ramblings about Twilight and my regression into my teen years, I thankyou for reading.

My favorite Twilight blogs are:

TEAM EDWARD! and, Oh yeah, I loooove me some RPatz! Those blue eys, sexy lips, sexy auburn hair, tall body, his strong jaw, long fingers....okay, gotta stop...hyperventilating!